CCPL LogoThe University of Hong Kong’s Centre for Comparative and Public Law (CCPL) was established in 1995 as a non-profit virtual research centre in the Faculty of Law. Its goals are to (1) advance knowledge on public law and human rights issues primarily from the perspectives of international and comparative law and practice; (2) encourage and facilitate collaborative work within the Faculty of Law, the University of Hong Kong, and the broader community in the fields of comparative and public law; and (3) make the law more accessible to the community and more effective as an agent of social change.

The Centre’s projects and events generally come within one of the following themes: Comparative Public Policy; Comparative Human Rights; Constitutional Societies; and International Law in the Domestic Order.

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JMSC-new-logo2010Founded in 1999, the Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC) is Asia’s premier journalism school – situated in Hong Kong, a vibrant media hub at the crossroads of Asia. The Centre is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in journalism and fostering Asian voices in the international media.

The Centre’s courses focus on China, Asia and the world – attracting a dynamic mix of international students. Through its teaching programmes, the Centre seeks to nurture and institutionalize the press freedom that has been the hallmark of Hong kong. It provides a forum for discussions, debate and learning, helping to strengthen and enhance the news profession in Hong Kong and Asia.

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MD-SEA LogoFormerly known as South East Asia Media Legal Defence Initiative (SEAMLDI), Media Defence South East Asia (MD-SEA) is a regional non-governmental organization that comprises of lawyers, journalists and media activists that has a focus on the defence of the media and the promotion of freedom of expression within the Southeast Asia region. It aims to provide legal assistance to journalists and news media organizations, support training in media law and promote the exchange of information, litigation tools and strategies for lawyers working on media freedom cases.

The idea of a network of lawyers, journalists and media activists under one common umbrella was first mooted at a conference in Hong Kong in May 2007. Since then, the shape and personality of the Network has grown tremendously with various additions of lawyers, journalists and media activists from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Timor Leste and Hong Kong. Support from various generous organisations have made it possible for trainings, court observations and funding of important legal cases to various parties in the past few years.

MD-SEA is committed in providing support in its defence of the media and freedom of expression. The support provided is determined by the specific circumstances of each case or project and may include among others:

a) Paying legal fees
b) Helping to access free legal advice
c) Taking on cases in international tribunals and supervisory bodies
d) Supporting the independent observation of court proceedings
e) Supporting strategic litigation
f) Providing opportunities for training in media law and litigation
g) Supporting the exchange of information and experience among media lawyers