Sunday 20 October, 2013





0900 -1030 From Burma to Vietnam: What’s trending in South East Asia?
Key solutions in a regulated environment*Participants would have identified 2-3 key issues facing their respective countries. These session is not about identifying the challenges but identifying the solutions
* What are some of the methods that have worked? – trial observations, amicus briefs
1030-1045 BREAK


1045-1215 Speaking freely in South East Asia – How states criminalize free speech. A case study of criminal defamation, sedition and other penal offences





1330-1500 Cybercrime Laws and Internet Freedom – new challenges and how to deal with them
*The internet is a tool for democracy in SEA. It allows for the flourishing of social media which in turns gives a voice to the voiceless. It makes governments accountable and helps galvanise support for key issues.
But how would lawyers and media law practitioners deal with increased state clampdown on the internet?





1515-1630 Network Planning: Dealing with the media freedom landscape in the next 2 years
Session to focus on the following key issues:

  1. Role played by MDSEA vis a vis the various national level groups that also work on media freedom (should they focus n trial monitoring, submitting amicus briefs, law reform advocacy, other activities?)
  2. Any specific countries that MDSEA should focus? For example Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia?